Limited Offer: BSB Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print

Released exclusively in Japan in 2019, the first-ever Backstreet Boys Ukiyo-e is now available worldwide!

Ukiyo-e woodblock printing represents Japan’s unique tradition and cultural heritage, passed down for 400 years since the Edo period to the present day. The Backstreet Boys Ukiyo-e is the outcome of a painstaking and complex process, involving the printing of 40 color layers using a series of 12 hand-carved woodblocks. Each print is completely handmade – a totally unique piece of art. A limited quantity of prints are available with distinct numbering on each print. Both autographed and non-autographed prints available!

Learn more about the process (website in Japanese)

Prints are expected to ship in approximately 4-6 weeks. You will receive an email notification with tracking information as soon as your order has shipped.

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