1. butetomato avatar

    these boys deserves a very BIG STAR!!! they worked so hard all these years, not just to make some good music but also to put some smiles upon our faces and hearts! God bless y'all boys! :) KTBSPA

  2. Curly avatar

    These guys deserve a Star, Grammys, and every other award and recognition out there! They opened the door for every pop group out there, they are THE #1 boyband of all time, they have the most beautiful voice and they have the BEST MOST LOYAL FANS!! Backstreet Boys songs are what I call REAL music, compared to the junk out there now! KTBSPA!!

  3. thuynh812 avatar

    You boys totally deserve it! It's been a long journey! But so worth it! Keep doing your thing boys!

  4. Fiona avatar

    It is about time. You guys so deserve it. Can't wait to come back to America and find it on the Walk of Fame.

    Bring on 2013 and the world tour. Look forward to seeing the 5 of you back in Australia real soon.

    You guys are the greatest!!!

  5. Heather Adams avatar

    It's about time! Can't think of anyone more deserving.

  6. Vanessa Mueller avatar

    I'm proud of them! BSB have just earned! * PROUD, PROUD *

  7. 1Ti avatar

    Dude it's about time though. I'm proud of you guys. Backstreet's back alright!

  8. stacey avatar

    Such great news very excited for you boys :-)

  9. RamonaSimonca avatar

    Awesome!!!!Hope to be able to see you guys receiving the honor!!!You deserve it for hard work, perseverance and good music!!!!

  10. Debra G avatar

    Way to go guys you worked so hard for this so here is to another 20 yrs!!!!
    KTBSBPAL !!!! Debra love ya!!!!

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