We're having a BSBBQ on August 18th at Mixtape Fest at Hershey Park Stadium in Hershey Park, PA!!! Tickets are $250 and will be going on sale soon. Stay tuned to Backstreetboys.com for all of the info!

Get tickets to Mixtape Festival here.


  1. titanicrose avatar

    hi my name is rosac i new to the website. how are you. message me back asoon as possiable ,rosa

  2. VanessaGoddess avatar

    Anyone selling their BSBBBQ Ticket? E-mail me @[email protected] Thank you xoxo

  3. Jody Veith avatar

    AnyAnyone have BBQ VIP passes they'd like to sell?

  4. Annie-Gail avatar

    I agree with Megan... VIPs were for NKOTB FANS.. not really towards bsb fans.. thats why I hold off.. I'm sorry for the ones that did purchase it..try reaching to NKOTB fans that r gonna be more than willing to get them.. =0/

  5. Aimee C avatar

    Can people stop telling me I can't read? When these tickets went on sale for Mixtape VIP, NONE of this additional information was available. It wasn't implied that NKOTB will have more events. It wasn't implied that BSB wouldn't have any extra events or meet and greets. It was implied that anything additional, people paying $700+ and $500 for a more inclusive package, would have access to these. It was only fair. You pay more, you get more. Unfortunately, now that that's not the case, they should've originally said, if you pay $99 for a ticket to the show, you should save your pennies for more paid events that they're adding. They didn't say that. I'm upset because of the gouging of my wallet. So, stop telling me I can't read, because the day they went on sale, the information that's being quoted was not available.

  6. Megan_P avatar

    You can resale your VIP ticket to NK fans who are looking for it since all VIP tickets are sold out. It seems Mixtape VIP only caters to NKOTB fans, most extra activities are NKOTB related.

  7. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    Hi everyone-- I'm selling some of my BSB/Aaron items, as I need the money atm. Please e-mail me if you're interested in anything at: [email protected], as I'm not able to view my messages.Thanks :)
    Key chain from the This is Us tour
    After party poster from NKOTBSB tour
    4 Aaron Carter CDs (feat posters & Nick) & Surfin' USA single (song feat Aaron & BSB)

  8. angil avatar

    @nickshawty noone said they went into debt for the backstreet boys or asked ur opinion on whether or not you thought we spent the money in the appropriate way. Thats not the issue. The issue is that when we spent our money that we worked to earn it was said that other events would be added and included. Thanks for ur concern however I dont think u meant that it isnt not smart cause that would mean it is. I find it really hypocritical for all of the people who did not buy VIP to be so concerned and upset with the fact that the people who did buy VIP are frustrated with the outcome. It really should not bother anyone else.

  9. christinar avatar

    nicks girl, no its ok, im very upset over this right now. i just feel they mislead in order to get people to buy the VIP tickets versus the other tickets and your right its not the boys fault but they should know what their administrators are doing and make it right. they have the power to fire them or force them to make it right. the way they worded it in the VIP was purposely misleading. they should have made it clear another meet and greet would cost more, and no offense if im a bsb fan why would I care about just meeting the new kids? if that was the case id buy from thier website. the way they are revealing stuff little by little and insinuating is shady and misleading.

  10. Nick's Girl Angie avatar

    I do get your point christinar but don't be mad at the boys because they are not the ones that take care of the site it is the adminstrators. I did not mean to offend you in any way.

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