Backstreet After Parties!

Sunday August 31st - Edmonton Event Centre

8882 170st

Edmonton, AB 

9PM - $20 -  18+

Click here for tickets 


Tuesday September 2nd - Tantra Nightclub

355 10th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB 

7PM - $15 - 18+

Click here for tickets 

  1. Clau avatar

    Someone know if there is a after parties after the Quebec city show????

  2. misselwilson avatar

    I hope there is a after party for Hamilton or London. PLEASE

  3. melauz avatar

    Sherbrooke :o) its their last concert in Québec sooo!!! :oD

  4. sarah24 avatar

    After party for Quebec city!!!!!

  5. Clau avatar

    we want after parties in Quebec city for this tour too

  6. Angela avatar

    So are we going to party in hamilton or what??? Updates pleazzz! Thanks bunches!

  7. angeljess avatar

    after party in sherbrooke!!

  8. Lindsay Terrana avatar

    is there an after party in hamilton

  9. Yulia_dot_Ru avatar

    WE WANT AFTER_PATY in MOSCOW and SAINT-PETERSBURG! C'mon, guys! Мы требуем продолжение банкета! :))))))))))))))

    "from Russia with luv!"

  10. Angeleyez333 avatar

    Alright so I went and I have to say as fun as it was you didn't get a chance to meet them. They were surrounded on both ends (essentially trapped) and the lines I swear didn't budge at all. With the occasional girl being allowed to chill with them in their vip. Nothing to write home about. Nick was about the only one to come out and speak. Pictures were allowed (only if you were one of those lucky girls who got to wisper into nicks ear to get you in. If your going strong suggestion. Go early and find out where the VIP spot is and stand by it. Guarantee you there will be a pack of girls there after you. Our biggest mistake was not going over there when no one was there. I got a few pics of nick Dj'ing and saw aj for I think maybe a few minutes and howie about the same amount as AJ. I understand they're probably tired and want to relax perhaps letting only a selective few come to the after party so people who actually pay for the tickets get the chance to at least say hi and possibly get a photo.

    The concert though was off the hook and I enjoyed myself so much :)

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