5 Reasons To Join The Backstreet Boys Fan Club

Do you remember how fan clubs were back in the ‘80s and ‘90s? You would write to a P.O. Box address in Los Angeles or New York, sending your undying devotion to your favorite celebrity and wait weeks and weeks to get something back like an autograph photo or you may not get anything at all.

Fast forward to 2020.

Now fan clubs are interactive and instead of finding a fellow fan through a pen pal list, you can join them in conversations on blogs and Facebook groups. You have the stars reaching out through their fan club with exclusive news, blogs, special merchandise, access to early tickets or VIP passes, and more!

Over the years, the Backstreet Boys fan club has turned into be one of those interactive fan clubs that stands out among the others. “The [Backstreet Boys] fan club membership is like family,” said Lucy Korandova from the Czech Republic. “There is a lot of support. Everything is clear. I love it there. We are all a big family. We’re in this together.”

Here are five reasons why you should join the Backstreet Boys fan club:

Early Access to Tickets / VIPs
When you join the Backstreet Boys fan club, fans are able to receive early access to concert tickets and VIP passes before the general public. The days of waiting in line for a chance at the best seats are long gone and now you just have to sit at a computer or a phone. With the Backstreet Boys fan club, you receive a code shortly before the presale so you can buy tickets and meet and greet, or even after parties!

“I love the access to presales,” Aurora, from Sugar Land, Texas, said. “The boys are still so popular, and I know I’d be stressing about getting tickets when the go on sale to general public.” “If it weren’t for the fan club, I never would have purchased my first ever meet and greet and may have never met the guys. I am forever thankful,” said Kerry Schussler, from Delaware, who has been a member for over nine years.

And it’s not just tickets and meet and greets, with a fan club membership, fan club members have a chance to book a cabin on the cruise before everyone else.

The Backstreet Boys fan club has a monthly contest where a fan is picked to be the Soldier of the Month. The winner is showcased in a post on the official site and wins a few goodies. Besides that, there are chances for fans to win things from merchandise to fun things such as the boys’ Funko Pops. There are also chances to win other things – even a chance to meet the guys or attend special events. There was even a contest to win a spot on the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise. How awesome is that?

“I have loved the opportunities for contests to get to go to events like the 20th anniversary event and [Good Morning America],” said Dawn Hudak of Key West who has been a fan club member since the Weird World days.

One of the biggest perks of the fan club is the exclusives that come along with it. During tours and residencies, exclusive photos and videos are posted from the guys’ fabulous photographer Justin.

“My [favorite] part of the BSB fan club besides the interaction with fans are the exclusive pictures we get to see and the blogs the boys write,” said Jhie from Ontario, Canada who has been a member for six years.

And it’s not just exclusives such as news and blogs, there are also interactive events that the fan club members can take part in. “Most recently, the Facebook group for the fan club had two weeks of awesome events which brought us together to laugh and cry and reminisce,” Dawn Hudak added.

Every time there is a new fan club pack released fans have the ability to pick a normal digital membership or pick one of several packages that include exclusive merchandise. In the past the fan club membership exclusives have included bags, leggings, sweatshirts, and more.

“The merch has been really on point lately,” Cindy Hensinger from Allentown, PA, who has been a member for over nine years, said.

The current Backstreet Boys membership package includes a grey T-shirt with Howie’s favorite saying – KTBSPA (Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive). The extremely soft T-shirt is in both extra packages and is included in the biggest package with also includes a Backstreet Boys external battery so your phone’s battery will never go low (no pun intended) at a concert. You can also get a fan club membership with just the external battery also if you’re not into band T-shirts.

The Backstreet Boys fan club previously had a message board, but since social media has taken over the world and most people find it easier to use Facebook, a Facebook Fan Club group exclusively for members was created and has became “larger than life.”

“My favorite things about the fan club are being in a community that understands how much the Backstreet Boys mean to me, getting BSB news first and access to presale tickets. I didn’t know this world existed!

“I have found the greatest gift would be acceptance of other fans into a special family. A family that takes care of each other,” said Stephanie from Michigan who has been a member since 2018.

Baylee from Virginia agreed with Stephanie. “I love the fan club because it gave me a second family and a new home,” she said.

By Karah-Leigh Hancock