New Contest to win a VIP Upgrade!

Check out the new contest up in the Contests section of the site! We are giving away 10 Silver and 1 Platinum VIP Upgrade for EACH DATE of the NKOTBSB tour. Enter to win for the concert date of your choosing!

Good luck everybody!

  1. heyitslyd92 avatar

    Has anyone won VIP for the lafayette show yet??

  2. ashley_bsb avatar

    Do we have to purchase a bronze vip ticket before we can win an upgrade?

  3. Tkd_Sab avatar

    I'm selling some of my old & rare Backstreet Boys Items, from books, magazines, & just old stuff. I'm selling everything on Ebay. My Ebay Name is tkd_sab_08. So please take a look and see if there is anything u may like to have and place a bid. I'm hoping to sell my items so i can have some Spending money for my NKOTBSB concert on July 1st. Thank you so much!

  4. KTBUG (: avatar

    To Lametria: When I went to soundcheck last year, we had our cameras but with no flash for the soundcheck or pictures, but my friends who had platinum where able to take pics afterwards! Hope this helps!

  5. mawie avatar

    I just got an email stating I won for Toronto on June 9!! :) So if you win, you will receive an email a few days in advance (they said up to 24 hours prior to the show!!)

  6. Ashley_luvs_Nick128 avatar

    last time i went to a bsb concert (3 years ago) and entered a contest for soundcheck they emailed me a few days ahead of time to let me know that i won...so look for an email from them a few days before the show you entered for

  7. Lametria avatar

    Yaaa... Me. I got the Platnium.... Will I be able to take my camera? My mom wants pictures. Thanks Vanessa

  8. mars8664 avatar

    Does anyone know when they will annouce the winners or where they will post the winners??

  9. Megan avatar

    I hope we will hear of some more winners soon :)

  10. kateriggs258 avatar

    when will i know i won and how will i know. i never been to soundcheck. i hope i win.

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