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Who loves their Sweet D?  Well we do and if you do you should support him at www.howied.com.  Our boy has his first solo record FINALLY coming out and we know you've all been waiting patiently for it.  So don't forget to sign up at www.howied.com to be up to date on everything Howard Dwaine Dorough!

  1. La'Vena avatar

    I been waiting U to come out A CD looking forward hearing the Cd can't wait!

  2. bsbnicksgurl15 avatar

    im so glad that this site supports bsb as a group and as solo talents! yya howie!

  3. BSB Panama FC avatar

    So glad for u Howito...you deserve it! I'm so eager to have your cd in my hands...Good luck from Panama in your new project! WE LOVE U

  4. Lauraa avatar

    I love my Sweet D Howito ! Loving his site!!

  5. Marian avatar

    Howie D

  6. Zakukla avatar

    soooo happy to hear this, i love wee Howie, he's super adorable!!!

  7. UAE Glory avatar

    cool :)

  8. Nickely avatar

    la pagina esta padrisima!!!!


  9. Tiffany avatar

    Love the new site, can't wait for the CD!!!!!

  10. Debora Silveira avatar

    Howie, I can't express how proud I am of you. I love you forever! KTBPA

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