1. Jy0927 avatar

    Hi hi,
    I'm looking to buy 2 tix CAT 1, if anyone out there is selling. You can contact me [email protected]

    Thanks a million!

  2. Sofie Masrol avatar

    sorry typo... i have 1 extra tic for Cat 1, P1..row 7... interested? Please email me at: [email protected] .. TQ

  3. Sofie Masrol avatar

    i have 1 extra tic for Cat 1 P1 ... row 7... intersting? Please email me at @[email protected]

  4. christabel203 avatar

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  5. FarliKay avatar

    Hi everyone, I still have 1 more ticket for Section P1 Row 6. .For those looking for individual ticket feel free to email me ([email protected])

  6. Ree 81 avatar

    Hi everyone,
    I am after 3 VIP upgrades if anyone has any??

  7. Sofie Masrol avatar

    thank you djkidsheley...but i dont know how to do that... and yaking have no email address stated there. Yaking please email me at @[email protected]

  8. djkidsheylee avatar

    Thank you engrmad!

  9. engrmad avatar

    anyone got spare VIP upgrade???? thanks!

  10. Norimah Noor avatar

    Per row will be 24 seats. Just collected my tix at sportshub and asked the staff there.. for pa1, seat no 1 will be on the left if we were to face the stage and seat 24 will be close to pb1 side. Hope this helps????

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