Nick Carter Joins The Judging Panel For ABC's 'Boyband'

The Backstreet Boys surprised quite a few people by making an appearance at ABC Upfront on Tuesday afternoon. Perhaps even more surprising was the announcement that our very own Nick Carter would be joining new ABC show, Boyband, as a judge this summer.

The 10-episode series will be a mix of X Factor and The Voice with contestants ultimately vying for a spot in the band and a record deal. Similarly to other reality shows of this style, the winners will be chosen by viewers at home with the judges, who will be referred to as architects, acting more as mentors. Nick isn’t the only familiar face on the panel; Emma Bunten AKA Baby Spice will be joining him to make the show a dream for any 90s kid.

We certainly can’t wait to see Nick back on our televisions every week and if his recent stint as guest judge on Dancing With The Stars is any indication of how he will be on Boyband, we are positive that these contestants are in good hands.

Stay tuned for details on air dates and more!


  1. PrincessJen avatar

    Can't wait to see this guy's adorable smiling face on the television again!

  2. Sapna87 avatar

    This is amazing. Congrats love ?

  3. Alexdebellis avatar

    Nick I am so excited to see you on TV again from week to w week I'm really excited to see mentor the contestants

  4. Vetty avatar

    WOOOHOOOOO! Sweet! Looking forward to the show... Does this mean you and Baby Spice are gonna sing a song together on the show?

  5. NYCBlackStar aka Jackie avatar

    Congratulations Nick! I know you will be a great and nurturing judge! Hope I get to make it to a taping! xoxo

  6. Brianlove avatar

    Good luck Nick Carter. I know you will do great. Hopefully you can talk baby spice into doing a tour with Bsb and the spice girls now that would be the coolest thing on the planet

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