Happy 24th Anniversary BSB!

To you, from us. 


The BSB Army

  1. Rosa FutureStar avatar

    happy anniversary guys!

  2. saxyCJ avatar

    Happy Anniversary guys! Words can't express how proud I am to be such an avid fan and how far you've come! Xoxo see you June 15th in Vegas for the show and VIP

  3. Rike avatar

    Happy 24th Anniversary!!! I'm looking forward to minimum 24 more years ful of music, love, concerts and fun!!! Thank you for being as you are and for kepping your promise "as long as there'll be music we'll be coming back again". I love my 5 boys forever and I'm so happy to have you in my life. I can't wait for the new album and hopefully to see you all again soon in Germany. I still hope I can meet you personally one day. KTBSPA!!!!!

  4. Hazelle Trinidad avatar

    Happy 24th Anniversary!!! Thank your for being my inspiration and music influence since '98 (I was just 5 yrs old back then) Cheers to more love, concerts, tours, and music!!! Proud of you all! Love you forever and always, my Boys!!! Can't wait to see you all again soon, hopefully! Love, Haze from Manila, Philippines! :) <3

  5. mzlizzybby_bsb avatar

    My first concert was bsb when I was 17 yrs old in 1999! It was the best day at that point in my life! To see the boys that made my sadness disappear and made every day bareable. I then was afraid that joy may not last. But when they promised they'd be back as long as there'll be music I believed them!! Thank you for keeping your promise and for making the soundtrack of my life!! I also named my son after his father and AJ ofcoarse :D thank you for all the great memories and for being the best ever!!! Love you all so much!! Thank you!!! KTBSPA ALWAYS!!!

  6. julesm87 avatar

    Thank you for the past 24 years you have given us. Looking forward to a minimum of 24 more. That will get me well into retirement age I hope, but I will still be rocking to by boys! Your music has brought me some of my best friends in the world and I am forever grateful. Thank you(and your families) to allow us to be a part of your lives as well...BSB Family is the best!
    Love you guys!

    BTW Great job on the video Karah <3

  7. Lilian Souza BSB avatar

    Congratulations boys... More than congrats, i have to thanks you boys. I have to thanks for everything. Thank you for be part of my life all this years, in the good and bad moments, all the minutes of my life.
    Congratulations for 24 years, and all your fans are ready for more 24 years!!
    I Love You Guys! I hope that i can met all you guys one day.

  8. *BSB lover always & forever!* avatar

    HAPPY 24th ANNIVERSARY! I've been such a big fan since I was 7 1/2 years old! Seeing the music video for Backstreets Back! I fell in love just like that! Nick became from first crush, to where I was saying that when I grow up that I was going to marry him... When I was a teenager I did stop listening to you guys but yet when I'd see you guys on TV, I'd stop to watch.. In 2012 I thought of you guys, I fell right back in love! Finally when I got to see you guys for the first time which was on the 'In a world like this tour in 2014' Yes I know that I was way behind on that.. It was such an amazing concert, I had my mom,niece & sis in law with me!! Frick & Frack, I love you! Love you BSB! Keep making music! Can't wait for new music & tour! Lots of love from michigan!

  9. Aj1919 avatar

    24 years of us being blessed with the Backstreet Boys. Thank you for putting this video together my entry was last minute, but glad I made it in the video. The video cam out amazing. Congrats to the boys for being together 24years and counting. All the haters can hate all they want. Many said they would fade away to nothing but look the boys can perform Backstreets back at a country music award show and have them all on their feet dancing !!!!!! BSB IS LIFE!! BSB ARE UNIVERSAL baby!! Well take care and God bless BSB ARMY !! let's stay strong and keep supporting the Backstreet Nation love y'all .

  10. haggied avatar

    Congratulations on your 24th anniversary! Can't wait to see what your 25th year has in store! World tour I hope ;-)

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