Happy Birthday AJ!

Happy 39th birthday, AJ McLean!

Today we celebrate you with a video of messages, photos, videos and stories from members of the Backstreet Army. We hope you enjoy it.

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By Karah-Leigh Hancock
Twitter: @Princess_Karah

  1. Rachel_Hasson avatar

    Happy birthday to my favorite backstreet boy!!!!

  2. Jody Veith avatar

    Happy birthday to you, my love! I hope you feel super special today!

  3. KaosCutie avatar

    Happy Birthday A.J.!! Hope you are having a rockin birthday!! Can't wait to see you and the rest of the boys in Vegas!!

  4. Shanna4 avatar

    Happy Birthday Aj!! Love the video Karah! You did an amazing job. Love!

  5. Sexygirl avatar

    Happy brithday aj. Hope u have a good brithday. From your fan,miss rosalinda Calahorrano

  6. Lisa avatar

    Great video Karah! Happy Birthday AJ!! Love you!! Xoxo

  7. Lacy avatar

    Happy Birthday, AJ!

    Awesome job representing, Karah!

  8. Rike avatar

    Happy Birthday AJ!!! Have a beautiful day!!
    I hope to see BSB soon in Germany again (if I had the money I would come to Las Vegas).

  9. KCluvNC avatar

    Happy Birthday AJ. Have a good one. Are you coming to the UK this year?

  10. Nicky Toronto avatar

    Great post Karah ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX xoxox

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