Meet Drew, fan of wearing socks with sandals and personal security to Brian.


1.    I’ve been 26 years old for the past how many years…
2.    Mike Elgani is trippin', it’s all about Apple products!
3.    I’m from the small Island Kingdom of Tonga.
4.      Born in Hawaii.  The year is none of your business.
5.      Fav movie is the The Godfather.
6.      Invited to participate in The Goodwill Games.  Which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore.
7.      Love to read.
8.      When no one is looking, I practice BSB routines in front of the mirror.  Just kidding.  Or maybe I’m not.
9.      Sometimes I rock “Socks and sandals, woo woo woo”.  
10.    Lost to Keith in our playlist battle in London while on BSB Promo.  Jerk.
11.    Scared of social media.  Looking to rehab and to build a bridge to get over it.
12.    Love to eat popcorn!  That’s why I appreciate movie nights w/the Littrell’s.
13.    I’m not fat, just heavy boned.  (At least that what I tell myself).
14.    For me, it’s all about Church, Family and Country.
15.    Cereal is probably my favorite breakfast food…and lunch food…and maybe dinner.
16.    When off tour, I’m a recluse.
17.    Cerebral.  Maybe to a fault.
18.    Suck at cooking.  One time I was given the easy task of cooking rice.  When all the food was ready, my brother checked the rice cooker and I forgot to plug it in.  Got kicked out.
19.    …also my mom asked if I could get her "corn starch" for her banana cream pie…but I gave her “cornmeal" by accident and she mixed it in.  It looked lumpy and didn’t know why…until she saw what I gave her.  Yeah, I got kicked out again.  Whatever.  It said “corn” on it.
20.    Got in trouble for taking my two 5 year old nieces to watch War of Worlds.  Is that why they were holding each other so tight during the movie?
21.  And got in trouble for taking the same two nieces to McDonalds in their pajamas around 7am.  Without brushing their hair or teeth.
22.    Prefer boxers.
23.    Enjoy Reggae music.  
24.    A mama’s boy.
25.    I too had the honor and privilege to work with John “Q” Elgani.  Rest easy my friend.  Miss you brotha.