Inducted Into the Walk of Fame in Locarno Switzerland

Congrats to the boys!

Yesterday the city of Locarno Switzerland inducted them into their walk of fame. What a huge honor!

  1. Kasey avatar

    How exciting!!

  2. dantescott avatar

    Congratulations guys. I am so proud to tell the whole world I am friends with the BACKSTREET BOYS

  3. VICTROLA avatar

    Congrats; this is amazin'!!! :-D

  4. Speedy_Ingrid avatar

    Congrats guys! You deserve this :D!

  5. MAYGIRL avatar

    Congrats guys. Well deserved! x

  6. just jen avatar

    look at brains big ass ring imprint...lmao hilarious....

  7. luna1983 avatar

    I love you guys!!!!so proud of you.. :)))

  8. vkrosvik avatar

    Congrats guys!! So proud of you and so happy for you =) That`s amazing guys =) Your guys deserve it all the best <3

  9. Kathy Dominguez avatar

    So happy for you guys!! Congrats totally well deserved!!!

  10. sofdlovesbsb avatar

    Congratulations boys! Well deserved honor! So proud of you. Great pics!!

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