Pre-Order "In A World Like This" & Get An Exclusive BSB Poster!

Want your name on an exclusive 18x24 "Fanified" BSB poster?

Pre-Order the new album "In A World Like This" from this link by July 14th, and YOUR name will be added to the poster! http://myplay.me/11uu

  1. Katherine2828 avatar

    I just received mine in the post, I'm so happy! My name is on the poster & I have the CD :D I advise people to look carefully, there are sooo many names on the poster & the font is tiny so you do have to look very carefully :) so happy!!! :)

  2. Katherine2828 avatar

    I ordered mine in time, wrote my name in the box provided, money was taken out of my mums account but I haven't received it yet? Is this because I live in England and shipping takes time?

  3. backstangel avatar

    when I ordered the asked me what name to put on the poster. I received the poster but no cd.

  4. xxSammyjoxxMcleanxx avatar

    Ohhh mann mine hasnt come through i really do hope they have my name even though they nevre had the option of adding your name the only way they would know the name is on payment details I take it they will have the name added from there to be honest it was better the way we pre ordered NKOTBSB with our names on it was clear and straight forward with the option of typing ya name I dont understand why we didnt have that option I am a lil upset to hear that some of you have received the album with ya name not even on the poster thats not on ;( xox

  5. Brandi avatar

    How do you know?

  6. CheetahAngel81 avatar

    My name wasn't on this!! I am upset! I ordered it in time and it still wasn't on it!

  7. inlovewithbsb avatar

    oops!... im too late to enter :(


  8. Sue Schuler avatar

    I did but the website didn't ask my name..so I'm wondering...

  9. Katie avatar

    It gave me issues when I tried to use paypal. My credit card worked though. Soooo excited :D

  10. nicegenegrae avatar

    I missed it! So sad,,,

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