New Year Show Photos

Looking for pictures from the guys' December shows? Click here to see meet & greet photos and platinum fans onstage with the boys!

  1. Carol Johanna avatar

    i love you guys!!! KTBSPA!

  2. Mariale McLean avatar

    KTBSPA !!!!

  3. joyjoy avatar

    The shows looked really good!!! wish i could've been there! do it again!! KTBSPA

  4. Giodia avatar

    Great! <3

  5. Giodia avatar

    Great! <3

  6. Giodia avatar

    Great! <3

  7. Tannia Carter avatar

    wow lucky girls who were at the Show. For 2013 I expect this show in Mexico. My best wishes to you in this year 2013. I love you with all my heart.
    I am a proud BSB fan for 16 years.KTBSPA!

  8. Emma Cardenas avatar

    Happy 2013 boys :)
    I can't wait for you guys to start touring and of course the BSBCruise2013.
    I'm still in shock that I actually get to meet you then.

  9. Lilian Cunha avatar

    Heyy... I'm brazilian and I'm going to USA at April-2013... There will be shows in Florida in April???

    Anyone knows??

    ;) God bless all in this new year!! ;)

  10. sabrina1091977 avatar

    lucky fans!!! can't wait to see my lovely lovely boys in HOLLAND

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