So the news is out! The Backstreet Boys are no longer signed to long time record label Jive Records. The amicable split is very exciting for the group. "This is the best thing, at the best time that could have ever happened for us”, says Brian Littrell. “We are confident in the future of our band, and are looking forward to the new things to come. 2011 is going to be a great year for us!”

  1. BSBGirl75 avatar

    Awsome!! Im so happy! I hope you find a good record company that takes interest in the talents you guys have and is better to you.

  2. PinkSkulleeRose avatar

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see what 2011 will hold for BSB! :D

  3. *~BsBLoVeR 220~* avatar

    CONGRATS GUYS!!! i love you all and I can't wait for this tour and many more to follow:)


  4. Irutxi avatar

    Yes! Congrats guys!! Finally!! U'll be fine for sure, and we will be there for u!! KTBSPA

  5. BrandieM avatar

    Congratulations!! You guys don't need Jive to be successful! I look forward to hearing the new music in the direction YOU guys want to take it in! It's going to be a great year! Have a safe trip on your tour and I'm so looking forward to seeing you in your hometown, Orlando!!!!!

  6. BackstreetsAngel avatar

    congrats guys! can't wait to see...and hear whats to come! :)

  7. Jessica avatar

    What great news!!! So happy for them!! =D

  8. Puce27 avatar

    I'm so happy for ya!!! hope you will have all you want now

    Love ya


    Caroline xxx

  9. Melissa avatar

    Awesome guys so happy for you!!!

  10. kate85 avatar

    YESSSSS =D congrats guys , Luv u XOX
    Cant wait for 2011 hehe ^.^ =P

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