1. Kylie Garza avatar

    So excited to see BSB! It’s on my 25th Birthday & I seriously wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! ????????

  2. Shelbi Huitt avatar

    GFL performing the night b4 BSB~~ I hope they stay and preform together! BSB should have a after party!

  3. Janette Rodriguez avatar

    Guys if anyone is selling VIP PIT TICKETS please let me know. I will buy.

    Jane 682-239-9961

  4. Aedrenna avatar

    I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see the boys

  5. BSBMamaFlip avatar

    Not far from where I grew up as a kid - many, many moons ago! Would LOVE to go! Hope those who do GO have an amazing time!!

  6. ErickaF avatar

    No VIP? Boooo lol... Can't wait to see my boys!

  7. Christina Brooke avatar

    Happy Dance!!