Blended Festival
United Arab Emirates
04.20.2018 @ Time TBA
  1. Lyndsey avatar

    I honestly can’t believe VIP is sold out! Coming from Scotland to see you... we need more VIP tickets available x

  2. Superstaririna1 avatar

    Guys, you are our dreams! Why all Meet and Greet tickets are sold out? We need to see you! Please let our dreams come true!
    We need more Meet and Greet tickets.

  3. Nicksbiggestfan avatar

    I'm so upset that the meet and greet tickets are sold out!!!
    Please can more tickets be made available! Pleeeeeease!!!
    I already bought my golden circle tickets????

  4. mitchie charm avatar

    Why the VIP is far from the stage?

  5. hoax avatar

    I need a meet and greet ticket! why are they sold out so soon!!! :(
    I wanted to meet them since I was 10 years old, today I'm 28
    I'm so excited and looking forward for their upcoming concert in Dubai

  6. Alyaa Almansoori avatar

    I am ganna cry .. i have the money only to attend .. ???????? next time i will hopefully have the extra money to meet them one on one ????????????????????????.. 1 day

  7. Superstaririna1 avatar

    We are so excited! We live in UAE and have been waiting for boys so many years.
    Please advise us if we need to purchase Meet and Greet on your website or we can do it in UAE ticket office too?

  8. Emilia avatar

    @Faisal Meet and Greet is at the concert venue. As for the time it will take place an email will be sent to you 24-48 hours prior to the show to inform you at what time you have to be there. Hope that helps.

    @AMRO You would have to purchase meet and greet for your son as well. The price is the same for everyone.

  9. AMRO avatar

    I would like to buy a ticket for my 7 years old son , is it the same price ? And do I need one more Meet & Greet ticket for him or he can get in with me ?

  10. Faisal avatar

    I have bought 2 regular tickets and am looking to buy 1 Meet n Greet ticket, but I am not sure when the meeting will take place and where. Can you please provide me with some details regarding their DUBAI event.

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