National Stadium
1 Stadium Dr
Singapore 397629
10.21.2017 @ Time TBA
Venue Website:



For VIP Purchasers: VIP Check-in emails with all necessary details you will need in order to participate in the VIP event will be sent to the email address provided by you during checkout 1-2 days before your event. If you have not received your VIP Check-in email 1-2 days before your event, please make sure to check your Junk / Spam folders. If you are still unable to locate the email, please contact Fan Support.

  1. AgnesCTM avatar

    Thank you Kevin and Howie for standing on the speaker to see us! Its very dangerous but still thank you! Although we are seated at the first row of PA1 there are alot of pole blocking our view =(. Thank you Brian! You sound great tonight. Thank you Nick, AJ Kevin and Howie! Please come back again. My second BSB concert in Singapore! Can't wait for your new album to be release!

  2. Liza Cine avatar

    Hey.. i'm going alone for the vip too.. do say hi ya!!

  3. Naddywaddy avatar

    See u sonia !

  4. Sonia avatar

    I’m going alone too... see you later!

  5. krystie avatar

    Anyone letting go of the VIP? Pm me! [email protected]

  6. prinzeofhearts avatar

    Extremely excited and looking forward to this concert like the rest of you. Can't complain about my seating. haha.. PB1 Row 4! Wow! :)

  7. fallenkaos avatar

    Does any1 wants to buy a pair of tix for the concert tmrw. Selling fr a fren as he's admited to hospital and unable to attend.
    Cat 5 / Sect 427.

  8. Karenteo avatar

    I am unwell and am unable to attend the bsb event tmr . I am looking to sell (together) the will call and the ticket (pa1 row 5)

  9. Naddywaddy avatar

    Hey starx! Im going alone tmr.

  10. starx avatar

    vip email, checked!
    boys are on their way to singapore, checked!
    not the first time meeting them, but still gets so excited all the same! anyone else going for the vip alone? :)

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