Q100's Q-Topia

Verizon Amphitheater
2200 Encore Parkway
Alpharetta , GA 30009
10.27.2017 @ 7:00 PM
Venue Website:

TICKETS ON SALE Fri 08/25/17 10:00 am EDT

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  1. ABJ avatar

    Me and my best friend are being ecstatic to celebrate my 31st birthday (10/27) seeing our all-time fave guys. I can NOT think of a BETTER birthday

  2. Southern Country avatar


  3. Edeliz avatar

    VIP Please!!!!! :)

  4. rflove08 avatar

    Wishing there was a way to meet Backstreet Boys at this concert

  5. LavenderBliss avatar

    Are there going to be VIP tickets or did I miss it :(

  6. KTweidt avatar

    Fingers crossed for a VIP!

  7. JesiMac2 avatar

    Yes!? Please? Will there be a VIP?!!!

  8. holtdob avatar

    How do we get the presale tickets?! And is there going to be a VIP?!?! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!

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