Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life

The AXIS at Planet Hollywood
3667 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas , NV 89109
03.01.2017 @ 7:00 PM
Age Restrictions:
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  1. NJPoznanski avatar

    I have Epilepsy (seizures) and went to the NKOTBSB concert and had to leave before I got to see any of you because of the strobe lights and my Epilepsy was under control at the time. I had such a hard time calling my husband because my hands were shaking so bad. I cried so hard when he picked me up because going to one of your concerts had been a childhood dream of mine.
    I was lucky enough to see your 20th reunion in Orlando Christmas concert at the House of Blues and finally live that part of my dream. The other part of my dream is to meet you. The strobe lights at the end were a little rough but it was only at the end so I was able to handle it.
    I now live in Vegas and you are doing a concert here and all your meet and greets are sold out. I at least wanted to meet you. I now have a service dog due to my epilepsy. I was going to buy a a ticket and pay for the meet and greet knowing I'd probably just wind up leaving the concert because the strobe lights would be to much but to meet you would be the rest of my childhood dream fulfilled.
    What I'm getting at is please let this be a test to open a permanent show here in Vegas so that I may have an opportunity to meet shake your hands, give hugs and thank you for the struggles you have helped me through in my childhood.

  2. Alessandra avatar

    I have been having problems purchasing tickets. Are they already sold out for all the events?

  3. Kristal avatar

    Do I need to purchase membership in order to buy the VIP Meet and greet? How much are the VIP? Thanks in advance.

  4. CocoBella avatar

    Anyone have ONE VIP Ticket they would like to sell to me? I will be coming from the East Coast... and would like to have up close... Please let me know! Email [email protected] THANKS!!

  5. Miguel Rodriguez avatar

    When will be able to purchase the meet and greet tickets?

  6. darcivbentley avatar

    I've been waiting for this moment FOREVER! I'm taking my mom, sister, and sister-in-law..........we are so excited!!!

  7. AmyC avatar

    I was thinking of trying to get tickets for the first night....

  8. socalgemini88 avatar

    It's going down!

  9. tipbunny avatar


  10. Suellen de Paula avatar

    I wanna be there!!!

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