Porto Alegre

Rua João Alfredo, 483 Cidade Baixa
Porto Alegre
06.15.2015 @ Time TBA
Age Restrictions:
Venue Website:

Please note that there will not be any ticket sales at the door on the day of the event. Please make sure to purchase prior to arriving at the event. 

After Party Check-in emails with all necessary details you will need in order to participate in the After Party will be sent to the email address provided by you during checkout about 2-4 days before your event. If you have not received your check-in email 2-4 days before your event, please make sure to check your junk/spam folders. If you are still unable to locate your email, please contact Wonderful Union Fan Support. 

  1. Lica _Mello avatar

    Thanks, Karine. I had also written directly to Wonderful Union helpdesk also, stating this info.
    It is something that should be considered when creating this type of event, right.

  2. Tutty avatar

    Hi everyone!!! I'd like to know, where is our photo taken at Beco??? All pictures are there, except ours. It was the last photo taken. :(

  3. Karine Lima da Costa avatar

    Lica_Mello: Wow, super I agree!

  4. Lica _Mello avatar

    I would like to state my opinion regarding the after party that ocurred on monday @ Porto Alegre.
    I'm a huge fan for many years, but only around 2010 I got finantially independent enough to pay my own bills and chose my spents. Therefore, my first BSB concert was on 2009, in Buenos Aires (much closer from Porto Alegre air trips than to go to Sao Paulo, in Brazil). After that, I went to another concert on 2011, in which I could also experience the soundcheck event.
    This time, I chose to go to the after party since I was at my hometown. But, for the price we had to pay in order to have official photos with the boys, I really think we should have more time to talk a little with them, get autographs, etc., instead of having body guards yelling "ok, ok, off you go. NEXT!" around me.
    I've chosen to buy the diamond after party entrance exactly because I didn't want to be invasive with my long-time idols, and because I respect too much their privacy. So, at the party, I was expecting to have some attention that would be greater than for the ones who only bought the simple entrance.
    It turned out to be the opposite: diamonds and pearls only got "official photos" and quick hugs while simple entrances were all in front of the stage, close to them for 2 hours, getting much more interaction, drink shots, autographs and so on.
    I understand the guys were tired, but I too understand that the event was created to be the time they have to appreciate the fans that invest (time AND money) on their admiration, love and support. And I'm sure they are completely aware of it.
    So now I really hope that, if after parties continue to happen, the meet&greet current systematic would be revised in order to really give the active fans a trully special moment.

  5. Tatiane Groth avatar

    A onde serão postadas as fotos da after de ontem?

  6. Karenrubim avatar

    Oiiii. Alguém sabe onde serão postadas as fotos de ontem em Porto Alegre do After? Bjss

  7. Carolina Bertoldi avatar

    Acabaram todos os ingressos pro after? Até o Diamond????

  8. Paulinha Simone avatar

    Eu comprei o Diamond After Party Package e ainda não recebi o e-mail com instruções do checkin... Tento ligar pro Beco e ninguém atende, entrei em contato com eles pelo Facebook, visualizaram minha mensagem e não responderam ainda... Alguém sabe se tem outra forma de eu resolver isso?

  9. Renata Saldanha avatar

    Meninas, quanto tempo demora pra eles divulgarem as fotos do m&g e after party?

  10. Juliana Lins avatar

    Gente,to vendendo meu pearl after porto alegre pelo mesmo preço que paguei,530 reais.

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