1. Sara Taylor avatar

    If you entered the FC contest to win VIP, a ticket, and AP passes, check your email because a winner has been chosen! If you didn't win, don't be sad. There is SO SO much coming for the Backstreet Boys and fans this year and so many more contests and giveaways to be entered. Who has plans to head to Las Vegas in the coming weeks? Can't wait to hear your stories and see your photos!

  2. Brianlove avatar

    Even though it's only been a couple month since the boys have had a Vegas show I feel like it's taken an eternity!! I cannot wait to see more photos from fans at the concert and to see the backstreet boys account have more videos and photos of the boys! But oh man it needs to hurry. And it would be nice to hear more Vegas show and after parties announced too lol

  3. Jennifer Varnum avatar

    So I went to Vegas for the 15, 17 and 18 shows and had a blast! When I got home, I immediately knew I was going to go back lol so I just made it official! I will be there Feb 16 and 17, and doing meet and greet on the 17th and after party if it's announced for that day. So freaking excited!! First time doing a meet and greet with the boys too!

  4. jessikatamas avatar

    It was July of 2011 in Vancouver, Canada and I had just recently returned from a one month trip to Uganda. I was patiently waiting outside the Rogers Arena with my sign that I bring with me to every Backstreet Boys Concert (it said, Brian Hug Me). This time for the first time, I was not attending the concert as my trip to Uganda was originally planned for July and when tickets when on sale...

  5. KTHDPA avatar

    Hallo gibt es hier eigentlich auch noch Fans aus Deutschland? LG Jessica

  6. Ebs23 avatar

    So I was able to work it out that I can go see the Boys for a third time. I’m super excited about this last trip. I wish I could’ve did a meet and greet but it’s fine because I’ve got to do it at least once in my lifetime which was a dream come true.

  7. HowiesPrincess avatar

    Back in... 2006 or 2007 while living in North Carolina, my younger sister gave me her All I Have To Give single album and when I was listening to it, I thought there would only be 2 tracks- studio version and convo version. I reached up to turn it off and take it out of the player when Kevin and Howie all of a sudden went "WHOA! WHOA! STOP! and I jumped and screamed, falling on my butt, in the...

  8. BSBFanConventionMaryland avatar

    Hello FanFriends, Unfortunately, we are going to have to postpone our March 2-3 Fan Convention. We are in the process of working with the hotel to reschedule but we do not have an exact date right now. I can tell you that it will not be for another 6 months or so in order to give fans time to plan and save money. We also had received feedback that the ticket price was too high and we...

  9. VeronicaFrack avatar

    I already printed my two VIP TABLE seats off stub hub got them right away. Do I need the sellers name? I called Axis and they seem to think I can just scan them and walk in. Would they only need the name anything else?

  10. Vollmera86 avatar

    I have two seats at VIP Table 4 on 2/17 for $500/seat. If interested please message me on here and we can exchange numbers to get in contact on day of for ticket pickup.