1. kristen van handel avatar

    Tonight was the best night in my life as a person with a disability music was my outlet and I loved lisaning to BSB tonight at the meet and greet when I was meating them they all stoped what they were doing and listened to what I had to say about my disability and how much it really meant to me they all hugged me and then at the concert as walked through my seaction and grabbed my hand it was...

  2. Brianlove avatar

    I just got back from Vegas a day ago I am so happy I got to go but so sad it's over already. I seriously am thinking of going back again. I hope they keep doing this residency forever. My seats were awesome. A.j. was right behind us on a black stair and boy oh boy did I scream like no tomorrow. I have never been that close. I freaked out. I have so many good photos and videos I can't wait to...

  3. qwertythefish avatar

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here so I hope I am doing this right! My concert is in a few days, I will be driving to Vegas the day of. Does anyone have a run down of the M&G? What time do I get there, do I need to line up, how much time do you have with the boys? I am by myself so I am a bit nervous and want to make sure I have everything down so I can have the best experience...

  4. elfgem13 avatar

    Can someone please explain the different VIP Options? I've heard of VIP Meet & Greet, VIP Tables during the show, and VIP after party. Is there a package that includes all of these? Do the VIP Tables require a certain number of people? I think I saw 4 on another blog. Thank you very much! ???? BACKSTREET BOYS ????

  5. Sway_Shay avatar

    Came home yesterday and I'm already having withdrawals! I'm actually thinking of making a round 4 happen! Am I crazy? Also, best thing about the show Wednesday (6/21/17) , I got screwed out of my tickets and was given a different section and I guess it worked out for the best because Brian Littrell smiled at me and told me I rock!!!! That totally made my night! I'm wondering if anyone may...

  6. kristen van handel avatar

    Hi evereyone who all is going to the concert tonight I will be there I also will be at the meet and greet I'm super excited and I searieously can not bealive this is hapaning also if anyone want to come say ho or chat I'll be there just let me know Much love

  7. Natalia Littrell avatar

    Hello¬° is someone cant attend or know about someone who cant attend the show in LV next july 1st , pls let me know, im interested on PIT ticket, pls pls

  8. Ilovebrock avatar

    Is anyone selling two VIP tickets for June 24? I already have ga tickets but want to go to the after party as well.

  9. Debra G avatar

    I still can believe I'll be meeting bsb in 8 days still feel as if it's a dream and I'll be waking up to relalty as I've waited 19 yrs !!! then to be at my 1st after party it's surreal I've check my tickets for the 100000000000 time !! NOW to end my amazing time in Vegas got my ticket yesterday for the Drais beach club Bsb party July 2 OMG OMG !!! Guess you'd say this bsb girl is making up for...

  10. Elenna L avatar

    A couple of photos and videos from the June 16th show on my Instagram: - Sneak peek of the show - video - - When Brian Littrell points at you - photo - - Backstreet Boys on stage - photo -


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