1. Emma Hill avatar

    So, I truly can't wait until the boys have their own tour.. but I was thinking.. I've never done a meet and greet with them doing a world wide tour.. how different is it? My first meet and greet was Vegas and omg so much fun and I love how I got to talk to them, now Chicago was my second and it was so rushed.. made me sad! It was probably bc they were running late on time, which is understood!!...

  2. CurlyK avatar

    Pleeeeaaaasssssse! Release the new album already! I'm dying over here!

  3. Emma Hill avatar

    Saturday's concert was a blast.. I love seeing the boys! Can't wait for their own tour!! Meet and greet was alittle crazy.. I'm trying to figure out why would we have to get our passages at gate K if we had to walk all the way to the other end for the actual meet and greet?? And did anyone else felt that meet and greet was really short... my Vegas meet and greet was a lot longer!! No trying to...

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