1. Vollmera86 avatar

    Hi all! I’m interested in table tickets for the following dates if anyone has any available: April 19 April 20 April 24 April 26 April 27 I have a front and center table on 4/17 and might be able to “trade” seats if you have a table a different night. I’m looking to pay for these tickets after my next trip in October . Need to save my money for this trip but will...

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    Does anyone know when the Winstar concert will be rescheduled for and if it will really be rescheduled ????

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    Hi :) I have 1-2 tickets for the show on the 24th of october at "our" VIP table No 7 (Front row and in the center) for sale. If you are interested let me know: gigi _(underlined) dempf at gmx dot net or plus four nine (for Gerrmany) 176 810 12 182 via WhatsApp Need to write it like that that I don't get so much spam...:D Please be realistic with the price! ;) Looking...