1. Kat avatar

    December 30 - Moon Palace Arena Fan club pre-sale is tomorrow at 11am local. Stay tuned for VIP packages. First show sold out fast, so don't miss out. And keep your eyes peeled for meet and greet contests

  2. Mayer avatar

    Olá meninas, estou à procura de viajantes brasileiras que irão ao BSB Cruise 2018. É o meu sonho, nunca fui a nenhum e gostaria de dicas de brasileiras que vão no próximo. Aguardo ansiosa !!! PS: Sou Mclean de coração, com fortes palpitações perto do Nick também rsrs

  3. Emma Hill avatar

    Is it better to be in the pit or is it better to be at a VIP table? I really want to go back to Vegas and see them again. I don't know if I will have the money, but if I do.. what's best? I was in 101A first time. Awesome seats! Every concert I been to for them when I was little, I was in the nose bleeds seats so it was incredible:)

  4. Caroline Galvin avatar

    Hi Everybody, I have purchased the VIP Table 11 for the November 18th show. I will no longer be using 2 of the tickets and would like to sell them for the face value $350.00 a ticket. Please message me at [email protected] with any questions. Thanks, Caroline

  5. Brianlove avatar

    With the boys 25th anniversary quickly approaching. What do you think the boys are gonna do? A party? The new CD? The world tour? Do you think they have something else they will surprise us With? Should the #BSBArmy do something for the boys? What is some of you all's ideas? I am thinking the new CD and then the tour but I also think (well sorta hope) they will plan something big for their...

  6. Backstreet Boys avatar

    Hello beautiful Backstreet Army! We're stopping in to say hi, and give a bit of a recap of the past few months. Hard to believe it's almost October. It seems like it was just yesterday we were huddled for our first prayer circle on opening night of our residency. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, a bit of nervousness, and lots of anticipation. You guys were rumbling in our ears...

  7. djkidsheylee avatar

    Since I'm new here, I was browsing on this website. I noticed the small Japan flag icon at the bottom. Wow! The Japan site is kinda cool too. They have silver and gold membership and the description is so detailed. I wonder if they will have a different website for other countries too :):):)

  8. Lingq328 avatar

    OMG!!!!! Never in my life have I ever imagined to have the chance to watch their concert LIVE!!! and now I have the chance to meet them all and take pictures with them too?!?! OMG.. I really hope I won't faint at that time.. hahahaha.. Buying the tickets is really an emotional roller coster (in a good way..). The excitements, the nervous and the hype after u got the ticket. I always...

  9. djkidsheylee avatar

    I was not able to buy the VIP upgrade for the Backstreet Boys concert in Singapore on 21 October 2017. Seeing fans' pictures with the Backstreet Boys makes me feel envious. Just realized how sweet, accommodating and close they are to they fans. I wish I get to have a moment and of course picture with them too. **sigh**

  10. KarahLeigh avatar

    The final birthday video of the year is here and belongs to none other than KEVIN SCOTT RICHARDSON. The video is going to be just like the others that we did: ANNIVERSARY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q42MXnwgGlU&t=21s BRIAN'S BIRTHDAY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWR6g8W4SGY NICK'S BIRTHDAY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEiHGpai7dg AJ'S...

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