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    Me - Trembling, while listening to Your - Music, calming my senses, so true Memories - of a life that once was Real - pain is what I've got People - staring And - eyes piercing Repulsed - by what they see Keep - looking at me I - just wishing to be Normal - whatever that might mean Sometimes - I think Oh - it's not that big - for my life has gotten New - meaning...

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    Howie's 45th Birthday is coming up, and I'm thinking about what to do for it besides a simple Happy Birthday to him. Making a video is out, but maybe, I think I have an idea for what I'll do for him for his birthday. I'm not gonna say what it is here or anywhere else cause that will ruin the surprise lol I just hope he'll like my gift for him, well, if he sees it when I post it

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    So apparently, its been a while since I last posted. I'll try and keep it short. 2 years & 4 months ago, we lost our 18 yr old female kitty. Her condition got to the point where we had to make the very hard decision to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss her today. Our boy, now 17 yrs old, is still with us. Spoiled as ever too. Last yr we got him a new friend, an 10.5 yr old...


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