Montreal Afterparty

Come celebrate the boys' NKOTBSB date in Montreal!

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  1. Maggie Kimmitt avatar

    On Aug 17, 2011, Maggie Kimmitt said:

    Vote for the BSB as best performance of VMAs history!!!

    You can vote as many times as u want!!!

  2. Puce27 avatar

    On Aug 10, 2011, Puce27 said:

    it was so unbelievable!! I love it so much and my meet with nick and howie was so hot!! I love dancing when nick playing dj and when he sang so far away and just one kiss!! He saw me and pointed me. It was so fun and so... I have no word for that.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Rachelcarter avatar

    On Aug 9, 2011, Rachelcarter said:

    i want to share with you the flashmob made in lima peru for the bsb all for you guys

  4. tatibsb22 avatar

    On Aug 8, 2011, tatibsb22 said:

    I can't wait for my pic !!!!!!!

  5. Cande avatar

    On Aug 8, 2011, Cande said:

    NKOTBSB in LatinAmerica!!! NKOTBSB in ARGENTINA!!! :D

  6. tatibsb22 avatar

    On Aug 8, 2011, tatibsb22 said:

    it was GREAT !!!!!!!!!

    I love Nick playing the DJ !!!!!!!! and performing Just one kiss. and Howie his new single.

  7. sonialovesbsb avatar

    On Aug 7, 2011, sonialovesbsb said:

    I went but had to leave at 12h40.... the boys wasen't arrived yet... :( hope you girls had fun

  8. Chryssa_NC avatar

    On Aug 5, 2011, Chryssa_NC said:

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

  9. ILoveNickolasGeneCarter avatar

    On Aug 4, 2011, ILoveNickolasGeneCarter said:

    Hi everyone-- I am selling some of my BSB merchandise. Msg me if you're interested in anything:

    1998 tour t-shirt
    Burger King for the fans CD
    Key chain from the this is us tour

  10. sonialovesbsb avatar

    On Aug 4, 2011, sonialovesbsb said:

    TOMOROW :)

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