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BSB on Larry King Now

Got a chance to sit down with Larry King to talk about the In A World Like This Tour, our new album, and a whole lot more!!

See the whole interview here:

  1. seham avatar

    On Aug 29, 2013, seham said:

    woo0oow ^ ^

  2. inlovewithbsb avatar

    On Aug 28, 2013, inlovewithbsb said:

    It's not letting me watch it on hulu I hope it's on youtube!!!. :)


  3. HollywoodKaos avatar

    On Aug 21, 2013, HollywoodKaos said:

    Can't wait to watch it! :)

  4. DunkaRoo avatar

    On Aug 21, 2013, DunkaRoo said:

    I've been wanting to see this.....thanks

  5. Djéssica avatar

    On Aug 20, 2013, Djéssica said:


  6. Krystle628 avatar

    On Aug 20, 2013, Krystle628 said:

    Howe was absolutely right. Radios don't play their stuff any more. On the rare occasion the stations in my area do it its Always as long as you love me. I kinda get tired of it. How many singles have been released and they still play the same song?! I feel kinda bad that they said they were tired of performing quit playing games though.

  7. SweetDelish12 avatar

    On Aug 19, 2013, SweetDelish12 said:

    Very nice interview I just love how much I have in common with Howie it makes me love him even more than I already did.

  8. jobsb avatar

    On Aug 19, 2013, jobsb said:


  9. Brigitte avatar

    On Aug 19, 2013, Brigitte said:

    Excellent interview with some really good questions (and answers!)

  10. theresab avatar

    On Aug 19, 2013, theresab said:

    Great to see all of you together again! Love the new music (perfection)! Congrats Howie and Kevin on your new blessings! Sorry I missed your performance at Virginia Beach; not by choice :-( Hope the rest of your tour goes well.
    Liked this interview-gentlemen as always!

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