Listen To In A World Like This + See The Track List!


Buzzfeed Music has officially premiered "In A World Like This!" Listen to the new single now!

Are you ready for the Backstreet Boys new album In A World Like This? The brand new album will be in stores July 30th...but today, we have the new album artwork, plus the just-revealed track list!

1. In A World Like This
2. Permanent Stain
3. Breathe
4. Madeleine
5. Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)
6. Make Believe
7. Try
8. Trust Me
9. Love Somebody
10. One Phone Call
11. Feels Like Home
12. Soldier

Which song are you most excited for?

  1. Nyurguyana avatar

    On Jul 1, 2013, Nyurguyana said:

    Please Come to Russia!!!

  2. Alfredo Cienfuegos Caldevilla avatar
  3. inlovewithbsb avatar

    On Jun 28, 2013, inlovewithbsb said:

    Wow I really like it!!!. :) hope it be in australian itunes so i can download it!.


  4. estesep avatar

    On Jun 25, 2013, estesep said:

    Will there be a Deluxe version?

  5. MelMuff avatar

    On Jun 25, 2013, MelMuff said:

    I like Permanent Stain. :)

  6. Vanessa07 avatar

    On Jun 24, 2013, Vanessa07 said:

    Just bought in on iTunes!! It's now available!! In a World Lie this... we live for the Backstreet boys!!

  7. Alicia Morris avatar

    On Jun 23, 2013, Alicia Morris said:

    Are there any bonus tracks or unreleased tracks. I think they should release all their unreleased music. Make it a double CD, Yes I said CD I like to have a hard copy of my music. So I do still buy CD's and then transfer to my mp3 player. No ipod here, can't stand them, no iTunes either, no google play either or amazon. I have an off brand mp3 player and it is the best.

  8. Bsbforeverfan avatar

    On Jun 23, 2013, Bsbforeverfan said:

    So Excited, Can't wait for the WHOLE album. The songs so far are amazing!

  9. clbpereira avatar

    On Jun 22, 2013, clbpereira said:

    Why in your arms is not between the songs? :((

  10. Stephhh17 avatar

    On Jun 22, 2013, Stephhh17 said:

    Can't wait to blast this in the car !!! :D and hear it live...

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