Flash Mob Dance in Ukraine / Nov 21 2009

Flash Mob Dance in Ukraine / Nov 21 2009

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  1. Clau Carter avatar

    On Feb 10, 2015, Clau Carter said:

    Recuerdo los que hicimos aquí en México!! ;)

  2. Sandra Dech avatar

    On Apr 26, 2014, Sandra Dech said:

    that is really cool. :)

  3. Meringa28 avatar

    On Feb 25, 2014, Meringa28 said:

    Great job!!!

  4. Brian&Nickfan132 avatar

    On Feb 13, 2014, Brian&Nickfan132 said:

    That is so awesome.

  5. Jess Wiley avatar

    On Dec 22, 2013, Jess Wiley said:

    im curious to know, how did the boys find this, to put it on their site...bc this is so cool. america needs to do this too

  6. Ania Griffen avatar

    On Sep 9, 2013, Ania Griffen said:


  7. Carol Johanna avatar

    On Jun 25, 2013, Carol Johanna said:

    AWESOME!!!!! this shows you how much you guys are loved and admired ALL around the globe! KTBSPA!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. dulcecrtr avatar

    On Jun 8, 2013, dulcecrtr said:

    That was amazing! Great job everyone who participated!

  9. crys_bsb avatar

    On May 10, 2013, crys_bsb said:

    wow OMG, IT was breathtaking :D

  10. maggiepink101 avatar

    On Sep 29, 2012, maggiepink101 said:

    WOWWWWW!!!!! That was amazing. I would like to be part of a dance flash mob one day : D

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