South Florida, FL

12/02/11 Time TBA
SS Backstreet
On the Sea
South Florida , FL
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  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Jul 15, 2013, Djéssica said:


  2. ScoobyDoo avatar

    On Dec 7, 2011, ScoobyDoo said:

    I took some awesome pics on the beach. I can't wait to see them! The DVD should also be very interesting LOL #EpicBSBWeekend

  3. TRISH29 avatar

    On Dec 7, 2011, TRISH29 said:

    Can't wait to see some pics on here of the cruise : )

  4. *~BsBLoVeR 220~* avatar

    On Nov 30, 2011, *~BsBLoVeR 220~* said:

    my sister and I are soooo ready for Miami tomorrow!!!! Since April we have been waiting and it's sooooooo clllooseeeeee :) soooo friggin excited!!! KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!!!!!!

  5. Polandteam avatar

    On Nov 30, 2011, Polandteam said:

    Polish fans wait on you. You have promised in 1996 year that you will return and mum hope that you will keep promise. You have many fans here also, which you love. If it will be necessary to wait next 15 lat but they don't forget about we and they let's arrive for poland.

  6. HollywoodKaos avatar

    On Nov 29, 2011, HollywoodKaos said:

    Yay! It's almost here, been waiting since April. :) Ha-ha!

  7. DunkaRoo avatar

    On Nov 28, 2011, DunkaRoo said:

    i am so excited! this cruise is sooo worth it on so many levels! i cant wait to be on a first time on a gonna rock that boat!!!

  8. xxSammyjoxxMcleanxx avatar

    On Nov 28, 2011, xxSammyjoxxMcleanxx said:

    Awww u guyzzz are sssoooooo in for a treat from da boyzzz! Wowwww! Its official Kevv is gonna be on dat shipp wiv all u luckkii girllsss! ;))))))))))))))))))))) aaaahhhhhhh Im screaminn rightt now coz Im sooo excited for ya all!

    My gess is dat ya all gonna be seeing SPHYNKTERRRRRR! I see ya all gonna be avin da theme nitee ya soo know Kevvv is turninn up in his outfit all dresssedd up wiv da boyzzz, itss gonnaaa beee crazzzeeeee! haaahhaaaaaaa!

    Avvv funnn ya all! ;)))

    SammyJo xxx

  9. Tanya avatar

    On Nov 27, 2011, Tanya said:

    For those of us counting: 4 days!! I hope we are ready ( I hope I am!!!! ) We will have the best vacation ever!!!!!

  10. BelgiumNathalie avatar

    On Nov 25, 2011, BelgiumNathalie said:

    6 DAYS !

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