In A World Like This Tour

06/20/14 6:30 PM
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Comcast Center
885 S Main Street
Mansfield , MA 02048
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  1. PosterGirl87 avatar

    On Jun 23, 2014, PosterGirl87 said:

    i litterally keep checking to see if the Meet and greet pictures are up yet! LOL

  2. chrissybabiie avatar

    On Jun 22, 2014, chrissybabiie said:

    Hey guys if anyone has any pictures of the concert when the Platinum VIP people went up on stage, I'd love if you could send them to me! I was behind Nick, long hair, black shirt (I haven't changed much from my profile pic here). Please email them to me! or message me here thank you!!


  3. mars8664 avatar

    On Jun 21, 2014, mars8664 said:

    forgot to ask if anyone remembers the song list, I lost what I wrote down. thx

  4. mars8664 avatar

    On Jun 21, 2014, mars8664 said:

    This was such a GREAT show, one of the best from them! They still have all the moves from the first 20 yrs - nice job guys! I had such a blast and met some cool fellow fans! The pre-gold was good but the after was not as great as others (ladies definitely forget their manners & that they are ladies when they are shoving you to get closer to the guys) I've been to but being so up close to them was insane and worth every penny & all the bruises from being in front of the stage. I also met Mrs. Howie D. & she was beautiful & very sweet. I wish the guys had more then one new england show but I'll be seeing Nick in August. Guys & Justin - please come back soon & travel safe abroad!

  5. Kimmi avatar

    On Jun 20, 2014, Kimmi said:

    according to their website personal cameras are allowed

  6. Vanessa07 avatar

    On Jun 19, 2014, Vanessa07 said:

    Melanie and I are already arrived in Mansfield!! So excited for tomorrow!! We have gold VIP, left PIT and Diamond after party!!! See ya therr

  7. PosterGirl87 avatar

    On Jun 19, 2014, PosterGirl87 said:

    SO EXCITED! :)

  8. LindsD620 avatar

    On Jun 18, 2014, LindsD620 said:

    Thank you! I think I may try to bring the camera. It is not professional, although it is not the smallest one either. When I bought it, it was like the closest one you could get to being professional, while not actually being professional, if that makes sense! The show is actually taking place on my birthday, so that makes me want to bring it even more! :)

  9. BackstreetBabe7 avatar

    On Jun 18, 2014, BackstreetBabe7 said:

    Hi! Does anyone have Right Pit for the concert and planning to do after party? I'm wicked anxious about keeping my spot in the Pit and checking in for the after party. I'd love a buddy to take turns doing check in while holding our awesome seats!

  10. AmyC avatar

    On Jun 18, 2014, AmyC said:

    Check in time is at 430 for VIP but I also got the check in email for the AP and didn't purchase any AP ticket?

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