In A World Like This Tour

06/18/14 6:30 PM
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Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
9993 Alleghany Road
Darien Center , NY 14040
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  1. BSBlessed avatar

    On Jun 19, 2014, BSBlessed said:

    Hello BSB friends! For those of you who did Platinum VIP, were you asked to wear black on stage?

  2. Maggie H avatar

    On Jun 19, 2014, Maggie H said:

    They're posted under "Media" on this site - there are separate photo albums for Sound Check M&G's and Afterparty M&G's, and then sub-albums labeled by location. The ones from last night are already up!

  3. tmarie426 avatar

    On Jun 19, 2014, tmarie426 said:

    How do you get your meet and greet photo?

  4. Maggie H avatar

    On Jun 18, 2014, Maggie H said:

    They take the picture, you're generally not allowed to take photos when you're in the Meet & Greet with them.

  5. Stephanie Coffey avatar

    On Jun 16, 2014, Stephanie Coffey said:

    Do they take the pic or do you have to have your own camera??

  6. Maggie H avatar

    On Jun 15, 2014, Maggie H said:

    Hi All, I'm not going to this show, but I've been to a few dates on this tour and I wanted to answer some questions people are asking!

    First, for VIP sound check/meet & greet packages, you SHOULD get an email from Ground Control a couple of days before the show that tells you when you should show up. But, I've done VIP without ever getting an email, and if that happens, I would recommend getting there 3 hours before the show (so if it's a 7:30 show, aim for 4:30). The VIP check-in tables are generally set up near the Will Call office. This timing applies to all of the sound check/meet & greet packages (Platinum, Gold, Silver, & Bronze) but NOT the Live Nation VIP packages (the ones with the reserved seating and T-shirt, tote bag, etc. but no meet & greet). Those are different and you should get an email from Live Nation about those, but they should have those packages available for pick up at the same table as the Ground Control VIP passes.

    Second, for the meet & greet photo shoot after the sound check (for Platinum, Gold, & Silver VIPs), you probably won't be allowed to get anything signed. The staff is usually hurrying people through, so it's a quick hug with all the guys, take a photo, and they shoo you out. The guys are really cool though, and will pretty much pose with you however you want. And the times I've done the meet & greet, they did give me a signed 8x10 photo of the guys as I walked out, so you will probably get that - you just don't get to bring things in for them to sign.

    Finally, it sounds like they're not doing an afterparty for this show, probably because of an issue with the venue :(. If they come back to the area and do one the next time, I would recommend it, I just did my first one last weekend and it was really fun!

  7. HiMyNameIsEllie avatar

    On Jun 9, 2014, HiMyNameIsEllie said:

    I wish I could afford for all of my friends to meet them =(

  8. HiMyNameIsEllie avatar

    On Jun 9, 2014, HiMyNameIsEllie said:

    They are not doing one here. ;( If they did the tickets would be available right here!

  9. sandyeyes avatar

    On Jun 8, 2014, sandyeyes said:

    Hi everyone.. Just wondering how to go about getting after party tickets for the concert at Darien Lake?

  10. Tiffylachica avatar

    On Jun 8, 2014, Tiffylachica said:

    Please if anyone knows, can you please tell me what time I could expect the Silver VIP meet & greet to start? I'm currently not a member of the fan club, this is my first meet & greet so I will only see responses on here. Much thanks in advance ;)

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