In A World Like This Tour

06/14/14 6:30 PM
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First Niagara Pavilion
665 Rte 18
Pittsburgh , PA 15021
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  1. BackstreetBabe7 avatar

    On Jun 17, 2014, BackstreetBabe7 said:

    Hi! Did anyone happent to do have a PIT space for the show and do the after party? I'm going to their show and after party this Friday and am really stressed out that I'll have to check-in for the after party after the doors open and loose my space for the pit. Any help would be appreciated :)

  2. Bash avatar

    On Jun 9, 2014, Bash said:

    Does anyone know where exactly the After Party for Pittsburgh is held? Is it right on the grounds of First Niagra Pavilion somewhere or is it some other place in which we'd have to travel to following the show? Ever been to one? Just wondering what they're like/how long they are, etc?

  3. Rachel avatar

    On Jun 4, 2014, Rachel said:

    To purchase Afterparty tickets, you have to go to events. You will see that First Niagara is listed twice. Click on the one that just says BUY VIP. That is where they are located.

    Don't use the one the says Buy VIP, Purchase tickets.

  4. zaina hammoud avatar

    On Jun 4, 2014, zaina hammoud said:

    I don't think they are available yet. It still says "TBA" so we'll see....we want to go too!

  5. AmandaRae089 avatar

    On Jun 3, 2014, AmandaRae089 said:

    HELP! does anyone know how to purchase the after party tickets for the Pittsburgh show? when I click the link the VIP tickets are the only thing that comes up. Has anyone gotten tickets to the after party yet?

  6. NatashaMarie1198 avatar

    On May 20, 2014, NatashaMarie1198 said:

    if you only have a bronze, you don't get to meet them during it

  7. Olesya mayorova avatar

    On May 9, 2014, Olesya mayorova said:

    Does anybody know what time I need to get there for VIP packages? I got a GOLD VIP and SILVER VIP package for a friend but it doesn't have a lot information on it just a general summary of what it includes.

  8. manna1084 avatar

    On May 1, 2014, manna1084 said:

    Does any one know if you get to meet the boys during the Q&A or if you have to purchase a higher package to do that

  9. JayAuxier avatar

    On Apr 25, 2014, JayAuxier said:

    Gaby this message for you: Jay (female) and my husband are going we live in pittsburgh but we are going early since we have VIP text me if you want 4126085051.

  10. JayAuxier avatar

    On Apr 25, 2014, JayAuxier said:

    My husband and I are going. My name is Jay (female) but we are leaving early since we have VIP passes texte me at 4126085051. I live in Pittsburgh PA.

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