In A World Like This Tour

06/07/14 6:30 PM
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Starlight Theatre
4600 Starlight Rd
Kansas City , MO 64132
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  1. acrollermom avatar

    On Jun 21, 2014, acrollermom said:

    I think it's ridiculous! I don't understand why it's taking so long.
    Everyone who is waiting should be given a partial credit or refund. Venue said 2-3 days, and email said one week.. I called and spoke to a rep yesterday and he said they were told this weekend.

  2. Minion avatar

    On Jun 17, 2014, Minion said:

    @Everybody! For the VIP and Afterparty photos (got this tip from another concert date forum) Go to Media at the top, Photos, and then there should be a section for M & G Sound Party and another for Afterparty. The very first one for each, at the time I am typing this, is from Chicago. So look carefully at the photo you are about to click on. They have photos up there from the last tour leg yet, so don't be fooled. Have fun browsing!!!

  3. Chirpster4Brian avatar

    On Jun 16, 2014, Chirpster4Brian said:

    I saw on Twitter where Eddie said the KC pictures and pictures from one of the TX shows are on his camera at home. He replied to a fan saying he'd upload all of them when he gets home. I'm trying to be patient,'s tough! Hope we see them soon!

  4. Maggie H avatar

    On Jun 16, 2014, Maggie H said:

    Has anyone asked why our photos still aren't posted from this show, even though they've posted photos from shows that have come AFTER ours? Or does anyone have experience with this in the past and know why there might be a delay? I'm trying to be patient, but it's been over a week and I want to see the photos!!!

  5. HollywoodKaos avatar

    On Jun 11, 2014, HollywoodKaos said:

    Went to this show last minute totally worth it!! :)

  6. Jennie Benitez avatar

    On Jun 6, 2014, Jennie Benitez said:

    So pumped for tomorrow! The after party was a little to rich for my blood, so my group and I will be at Power and Light after the show if anyone would like to join us! We'll be the crazy chicks in the bright yellow and pink shirts :-)

  7. Levitt32 avatar

    On Jun 5, 2014, Levitt32 said:

    I still have two tickets for sale.
    Two 5th Row tickets
    SECTION: PC 3, ROW: EEE, SEATS: 5 & 6
    Face value, $300 for the pair.
    Email me at if interested. Thanks!

  8. AngeleenaMarie avatar

    On Jun 5, 2014, AngeleenaMarie said:

    I have an extra ticket to the KC concert on friend couldnt go and i really do not want the ticket to go to waste. The seat is in the Producer's Circle Center section in Row CCC(3rd row). I am NOT looking to make any if there is anyone out there that wants to go to the concert but cant cuz of money me at :)
    I really would love to help out a fellow BSB fan who cant afford to go...cuz they are amazing in concert and it saddens me that some fans cant go see them...

  9. BizzleRok23 avatar

    On Jun 4, 2014, BizzleRok23 said:

    It will happen for you. this is the first time I am doing plat and I am overwhelmed right now and it's not even saturdayy

  10. Fitz avatar

    On Jun 4, 2014, Fitz said:

    I would Love to meet the guys.. But that's a lot of money. I will be up in the seats enjoying the music! Have all the ladies that go! Maybe one day I will get my bucket list pic :(

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