In A World Like This Tour

05/28/14 6:30 PM
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Viejas Arena
5500 Canyon Crest Dr
San Diego , CA
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  1. Minion avatar

    On Jun 17, 2014, Minion said:

    @Everybody! For the VIP and Afterparty photos (got this tip from another concert date forum) Go to Media at the top, Photos, and then there should be a section for M & G Sound Party and another for Afterparty. The very first one for each, at the time I am typing this, is from Chicago. So look carefully at the photo you are about to click on. They have photos up there from the last tour leg yet, so don't be fooled. Have fun browsing!!!

  2. Shiraney avatar

    On Jun 10, 2014, Shiraney said:

    Where do I go to see the photos from VIP?

  3. brittani avatar

    On May 27, 2014, brittani said:

    I'm so excited about the concert tomorrow but I am so disappointed that there is nothing on an after party :(

  4. brittani avatar

    On May 27, 2014, brittani said:

    What about phones?

  5. iwant2believe avatar

    On May 26, 2014, iwant2believe said:

    I just saw that the Camera Policy for Viejas Arena says:
    "Cameras will not be permitted into Viejas Arena for this show. Any person who brings a camera to the gates will be asked to take it back to their vehicle or to check it in to property check-in."

    NO WAY! :(
    not even a "point & shoot" camera?

  6. fernybsb avatar

    On May 25, 2014, fernybsb said:

    hi everyone

  7. Sandra avatar

    On May 24, 2014, Sandra said:

    I really hope there will be an after party!! They can just have it at the venue like most places.

  8. missJMARlovesBSB avatar

    On May 23, 2014, missJMARlovesBSB said:

    There is, Sidebar in downtown. But they usually just hold their after parties at the concert venue. I commented on the bsb fb page about the San Diego after party being nonexistent and they said "stay tuned". So hopefully there will be one.

  9. brittani avatar

    On May 23, 2014, brittani said:

    have they picked a winner for this show yet?

  10. Shiraney avatar

    On May 22, 2014, Shiraney said:

    Does anyone know what time we have to be at the venue if we got VIP?

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