In A World Like This Tour

05/25/14 6:30 PM
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Shoreline Amphitheatre
1 Amphitheatre Pkwy
Mountain View , CA 94043
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  1. Minion avatar

    On Jun 17, 2014, Minion said:

    @Everybody! For the VIP and Afterparty photos (got this tip from another concert date forum) Go to Media at the top, Photos, and then there should be a section for M & G Sound Party and another for Afterparty. The very first one for each, at the time I am typing this, is from Chicago. So look carefully at the photo you are about to click on. They have photos up there from the last tour leg yet, so don't be fooled. Have fun browsing!!!

  2. Jamm Marie Bodestyne avatar

    On Jun 5, 2014, Jamm Marie Bodestyne said:

    Was wondering if anyone was able to get their meet and greet photo. Please let me know where I can find it. Thanks a bunch :)

  3. sobidster avatar

    On May 27, 2014, sobidster said:

    Could you please tell me how you were able to access your meet n greet photos?

  4. blacknbluerocks *jen* avatar

    On May 27, 2014, blacknbluerocks *jen* said:

    unforgettable day! vip was epic as it was my moms first time meeting the boys! <3 and concert was amazing! loved my seat! and the after party was one of my top 2 fave after parties I've gone to!!! <3 ktbspa I cant wait to see them again in vegas!!! 2 shows down... 2 more to go!! woohooo.

  5. User 18936051 avatar

    On May 26, 2014, User 18936051 said:

    Hey do you mind letting me know where you found your after party pictures thanks!

  6. User 18936051 avatar

    On May 26, 2014, User 18936051 said:

    Where do I find the VIP Photos from Mountain View?

  7. amanda olivo avatar

    On May 25, 2014, amanda olivo said:

    Where do i download my photo i took with the guys today during the meet n greet at Shoreline?

  8. sobidster avatar

    On May 25, 2014, sobidster said:

    I still have not received any instructions or email just a purchase confirmation. Please help, I need to coordinate with my babysitter.

  9. Vanessa_mijares avatar

    On May 25, 2014, Vanessa_mijares said:

    What did your email tell you to do as far as directions for check in time, where to meet, and picking up from will call? Your help would be appreciated!!!

  10. sobidster avatar

    On May 25, 2014, sobidster said:

    I bought the silver package last night as well. I have no idea where to meet or go, or even the time. I need to know the time for babysitting purposes. Could someone tell me please tell me what time the sound check is taking place. Thanks

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