In A World Like This Tour

05/17/14 6:30 PM
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Rexall Place
7300 118 Avenue
Edmonton , AB T5J 2N5
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  1. Lindsay Garbe avatar

    On May 19, 2014, Lindsay Garbe said:

    most definitely the best show ever :)

  2. Stephanie rochford avatar

    On May 18, 2014, Stephanie rochford said:

    You'll find them here on this site under the media section. Then go to photos then at the bottom choose see all and then look for the sound check m&g photos (my mouse has to be over the pics for the name to come up) and then look for edmonton. Last time I checked they weren't up yet... Maybe after the weekend?

  3. User 18864901 avatar

    On May 18, 2014, User 18864901 said:

    How do we find our pics if we had them taken with the boys? Anyone?

  4. Missy23 avatar

    On May 17, 2014, Missy23 said:

    It doesn't state where or what time the VIP is, does anybody know? I see 630pm on the top of the page, at Rexall place. I dont' want to miss it if I purchase it. THANKS!

  5. Nikolina_m avatar

    On May 16, 2014, Nikolina_m said:

    yes they go but i dont think its all of them

  6. Nathan tuininga avatar

    On May 16, 2014, Nathan tuininga said:

    So, I have a silly question, do the boys go to the after party?

  7. Nikolina_m avatar

    On May 16, 2014, Nikolina_m said:

    Any word on when the pick up is for the VIP in Edmonton

  8. d_n_i_elle avatar

    On May 15, 2014, d_n_i_elle said:

    I'll see you all in M&G/Soundcheck/VIP! I got Platinum. :)

  9. Stephanie rochford avatar

    On May 15, 2014, Stephanie rochford said:

    I got an e-mail from them on Tuesday. It was sent to the e-mail that I used to set up my account for BSB membership. If you haven't gotten it yet maybe check your junk e-mail to see if it went there?

  10. Stephanie Wong avatar

    On May 15, 2014, Stephanie Wong said:

    What happens if you haven't gotten an email as of yet. As I have stated I bought a VIP package as soon as tickets went on sale. Do they email you on the BSB site or your actual email?

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