Mashantucket, CT

12/28/12 8:00 PM
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MGM Grand at Foxwoods Casino
240 MGM Grand Drive
Mashantucket , CT 06338
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  1. Djéssica avatar

    On Jul 15, 2013, Djéssica said:


  2. JustSomeRandomChick avatar

    On Jan 4, 2013, JustSomeRandomChick said:

    I received a credit to my credit card dated 1/2 for $35 per ticket.

    Thank you GC for getting it done quickly. :)

  3. Evelyn avatar

    On Jan 2, 2013, Evelyn said:

    Hello!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!! The Boys were great in CT the other night!!! What a way to end the year!!!! Here is a little present:!/media/set/?set=a.824766973396.2165557.18501399&type=3
    Has anyone heard from Groundctrl regarding the refunds?

  4. Michellexlauren avatar

    On Dec 29, 2012, Michellexlauren said:


  5. MollyM1114 avatar

    On Dec 29, 2012, MollyM1114 said:

    How long does it usually take for them to put the pics up?

  6. ThatsSoFab avatar

    On Dec 29, 2012, ThatsSoFab said:

    Ground(Ctrl)--- Just because the show is over doesn't mean I'll forget about the partial refund.

  7. Backstreetbabe07 avatar

    On Dec 28, 2012, Backstreetbabe07 said:

    I have an extra ticket for the show sister didnt ask for work off until to late and now can't go! Seats are section PRTRGT, row CC, seats 26-30, asking what I paid for them (bought on ticketmaster not on here) $93.90. Please email me if

  8. Melvin Cabrera avatar

    On Dec 27, 2012, Melvin Cabrera said:

    nformation for 12/28/12 VIP

    Hello Everyone,

    This is a one-time informational email for the upcoming Backstreet Boys VIP event taking place on 12/28/12.

    Please make sure to bring your photo ID and meet in front of the box office at 3:30pm. The VIP Coordinator will then check you in, distribute your VIP Laminates and give you futher instructions regarding your specific VIP Package. The box office attendents will have little to no information regarding the VIP event, so please make sure to wait for the VIP Coordinator.

    For all you twitter users out there, make sure to follow the groundctrl VIP account to stay up to date with the most exciting VIP packages available!

    Have a question? Please contact our Customer Support by submitting a support request at Additionally, for urgent matters you may call 1-877-GND-CTRL / Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm PST

    Be safe and have a great show!

  9. chrissybabiie avatar

    On Dec 27, 2012, chrissybabiie said:

    Has anyone heard a time yet? I have silver VIP and need to know when to get out of work..getting out at 2, hoping thats early enough with an hour drive. ugh :(

    If anyone hears, please email me - - thanks!

  10. ThatsSoFab avatar

    On Dec 27, 2012, ThatsSoFab said:

    If they don't send an email for VIP, bring photo ID and get there about 4 (or 3:30 to be safe) All the other times I went they didn't let us in until 5:00. Hope this helps.

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